Media and Press Law, Law of Publication

Almost every public discussion today is flanked by media law disputes. Almost all protagonists of public discourse try to protect their interests by influencing reporting. Media of all kinds are therefore almost constantly under fire, also from a legal point of view.

We have been advising and representing well-known publishing houses, agencies and film production companies for decades. Our forensic expertise is based on hundreds of court cases that we have conducted for our clients. Usually with success.

We know the business and the interests of media professionals inside out. The quality of our work is recognised. Quick and pragmatic solutions to problems are our priority.

We support publishers of all kinds, especially journalists, publishers, production companies and agencies in all steps of their work. This includes:

  • the enforcement of and claims for information and access to information against authorities and companies
  • advice on journalistic research
  • advice on the legally sound formulation of texts
  • defending the finished publication result in and out of court against attacks by those concerned
  • comprehensive advice in connection with the marketing of the respective medium
  • licensing of the finished end product.

The firm scores with its experience in media and press law and law of publication.