Air Passenger Rights

With Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004, the European legislator has created the basis for air travellers to be entitled to a number of claims in the event of disruption to their flight.

We claim to have been the driving force behind the effective enforcement of these rights in the German legal advice market, both for the client and for the legal profession.

Through the systematic use of databases, in which the information relevant to the compensation claim is stored, we have created the prerequisites for checking thousands of claims simultaneously for their enforceability and enforcing the promising cases out of court and in court.

In the course of enforcing thousands of claims in court, we have also played a key role in ensuring that the courts generally award compensation claims even if the airline sued invokes “extraordinary circumstances”. This is because in most cases, such circumstances that are cited as “extraordinary” are now to be regarded as an ordinary part of the operation of an airline according to established case law. The lower courts in particular had to be convinced of this first. To this end, we have also handled proceedings before the European Court of Justice and the Federal Court of Justice.

We are already successfully utilising the expertise we have gained in other areas of law for the systematic enforcement of rights, in addition to the enforcement of consumer rights, also in mass proceedings for companies.