IT law

Information technology is the innovator and dynamic driver of the economy and companies. Entrepreneurial action, decision-making, corporate structure and process organisation are inconceivable without technology. Companies and the public sector therefore procure appropriate solutions. On the other side are the companies that drive the development and advancement of new technologies and corresponding business models and offer their solutions as standardised products or individual services.

The related legal issues are shaped by the respective technology, but at the same time go far beyond it. IT law is not a self-contained area of law, but a multifaceted matter characterised by interfaces with other areas of law.

We assist our clients with these issues, whether they are internationally operating corporations, medium-sized companies, start-ups or public authorities.

From the development and negotiation of licence agreements and project support to the recording, analysis and implementation of data protection-related projects and the legal enforcement of claims arising from IT contracts.

We do not presume to have the technical understanding of system architects or developers, the economic understanding of sales or purchasing or original project management expertise.

We do, however, have the legal expertise and the broad range of experience to talk to our clients at eye level, to understand the facts and to develop solutions that work legally and are practicable and economically feasible. This applies to established technologies such as on-premise software or cloud services as well as to new developments such as blockchain, distributed ledgers and artificial intelligence (AI).