Health-related advertising

Advertising for medicinal products and medical devices is not only subject to the special requirements of the German Drug Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG), but often requires a comprehensive examination of the medical mode of action of products and the provability of efficacy claims, even before a court composed of medical laypersons.

However, our expertise does not only include advising medium-sized and international pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. The special issues of health-related advertising also play an important role for companies with a product range in the field of cosmetics or food supplements.

The distinction from medical devices or medicinal products is not only relevant in product development, but also in their presentation, design and advertising. Food law, with its multitude of labelling obligations and advertising restrictions, also requires special industry knowledge in order to ensure effective and yet legally secure marketing for our clients.

In all these areas, we not only provide legal support to our clients in the development of their offer and the conception of their advertising, but also represent them in disputes with competitors or associations in court if an amicable solution cannot be reached.