Dr. Jeannette Viniol, LL.M.

Lawyer, Certified Specialist in Intellectual Property Law
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Jeannette Viniol studied at the Universities of Saarbrücken, Lille and Warwick (UK) and completed her doctorate as a research assistant at the Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Media Law at the Technical University of Dresden under Prof. Dr Horst-Peter Götting on a patent and antitrust law topic.

Jeannette Viniol has been working as a lawyer at JBB since 2016 and has also been a partner since 2023. Before joining JBB Rechtsanwälte, she worked for several years as a lawyer and media policy officer at the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry.

Jeannette Viniol supports companies in the conception of advertising campaigns and represents them in and out of court in competition law disputes.

She not only advises on general competition and advertising law, but also assists her clients with her expertise in specific areas of law such as the advertising of medicinal products, food advertising and gambling advertising.

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Key Points

  • Drug advertising
  • Food advertising
  • Trademark Law
  • Design Law
  • Gambling advertising


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Association & Memberships

  • Lecturer at the Institute for International Law, Intellectual Property and Technology Law at the TU Dresden
  • Member of GRUR (expert committee on trade-mark and competition law)
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Arbitration Board for Competition Disputes at the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)