Marie Milou Lenz, LL.M. (Edinburgh)

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Marie Lenz was admitted to the bar in 2005 and joined JBB in 2010. Previously, she was Legal Counsel at the German Energy Agency (dena).

She is responsible for the copyright mandates in JBB’s Legal Tech Team with a focus on the prosecution of technology-based copyright infringements and and the enforcement of injunctive relief and claims for damages. She conducts ongoing first- and second-instance litigation before courts throughout Germany. With experience from more than 1,500 proceedings, she also ad-vises clients out of court on copyright and other intellectual property law. She advises all industries and has particular experience in the areas of television and sports rights.

Marie Lenz studied law in Trier, Lyon and Berlin and completed the LL.M. program at the University of Edinburgh. She completed her legal traineeship in Berlin with stations at DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG and the University of the Arts, among others.

Languages: German, English, French


Key Points

  • Litigation
  • Legal Tech