Julian Höppner, LL.M.

Lawyer, Certified Specialist in Information Technology Law
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Julian Höppner has been a lawyer at JBB since 2005 and a partner in the firm since 2012. He has been a specialist in information technology law since 2010. LL.M. (Edinburgh) 2002.

Julian Höppner’s practice focuses, on the one hand, on drafting and negotiating complex IT project agreements and advising German and international companies as well as the public sector on the distribution, sale and purchase of software and related technology products.

On the other hand, his focus is on advising clients on their handling of personal data, be it project-related (such as the implementation of new technology systems and strategies), product-related (e.g. apps) or in communication with users and supervisory authorities.

In addition, Julian Höppner deals with the broad fields of digital content marketing and e- and mobile commerce and advises clients, among other things, on the drafting and negotiation of marketing agreements as well as the design of order processes and general terms and conditions.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Key Points

  • IT Contract Law (drafting and negotiation)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital business models (data protection and marketing)


Mitautor des Kapitels „Informationstechnologierecht“
Heidel/Pauly/Amend (Hrsg.), AnwaltFormulare, 10. Aufl., Bonn 2021

Mitautor des Kapitels „Adressenkauf- und überlassungsvertrag“
Moos (Hrsg.), Datennutzungs- und Datenschutzverträge, 3. Aufl., Köln 2021

Mitautor des Kapitels „Verträge zum Datenhandel“
Conrad/Grützmacher (Hrsg.), Recht der Daten und Datenbanken im Unternehmen, Köln 2014

Associations & Memberships

  • German Bar Association (DAV)
  • German Society for Law and Information Tech-nology e.V.
  • Working Group for Information Technology (DAVIT) in the German Bar Association