Oliver Brexl

Lawyer, Certified Specialist in Intellectual Property Law
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Oliver Brexl was admitted to the Berlin bar in 2000. He is one of the Bs of JBB.

In assisting his clients, Oliver Brexl acts both in an advisory and litigation capacity. This applies not only in the field of traditional trademark and competition law, but especially in the defense and development of new business areas and industries, such as legal tech.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Oliver Brexl has for many years actively held positions in companies and associations (including as a member of the supervisory board of mobilcom AG and freenet AG and as legal counsel of a professional association. Not least due to this experience, Oliver Brexl is also active in an advisory capacity in corporate law as well as in association and federation law.

Oliver Brexl serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of AGEM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geistiges Eigentum & Medien / Intellectual Property & Media Working Group) of the Deutschen Anwaltsverein e.V. /”DAV” – German Bar Association) www.agem-dav.de.

Since 2015, Oliver Brexl has been a lecturer at the bbw University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, in the fields of fashion, trademark and competition law.

Languages: German, English

Key Points

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Trademarks
  • Internet portals
  • Test reports
  • Legal services and professional law
  • Copyright Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Law of Associations and Federations
  • Labor Law


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Associations & Memberships

  • AGEM Working Group Intellectual Property & Media in DAV
  • German Association for the Protection of Intel-lectual Property and Copyright (GRUR)
  • Working Group on IT Law in the DAV (davit)
  • Berlin Opera Group e.V.